Global Company Co-Locates in Innovation Corridor

Worldpay, Inc., a global payments technology provider, recently announced its move into the University of Cincinnati’s 1819 Innovation Hub in the Uptown Innovation Corridor. Worldpay plans to partner with UC to create financial technology (fintech) training and career opportunities for its students.

Through its partnership with UC, Worldpay will employ students to work on fintech applications and other projects. The goal is to train students for future careers while also advancing Worldpay’s offerings. Worldpay hopes that its work with UC will help close the skills gap by developing more well-trained fintech professionals in the region.

The 1819 Innovation Hub in Cincinnati’s Uptown Innovation Corridor.

"The struggle for talent is real among startups, mid-size organizations and billion-dollar companies like Worldpay. UC can help, as we do strategically every day, quickly connecting our partners to students, research and ongoing educational resources," said David J. Adams, Chief Innovation Officer at the University of Cincinnati. "Talent has choices, and the more UC can demonstrate that our region is a place where innovative companies thrive, the more likely we are to see that talent choose Cincinnati as a place to stay."

Worldpay already has a strong relationship with UC, so the move to 1819 was a natural fit. The company provides scholarships and regularly sponsors UC technology, engineering and design events like the university’s hackathon, RevUC. In addition, Worldpay partners with UC and other colleges through its TechBright program to increase the number of students—especially women and minorities—pursuing technology-related degrees.

"If you consider how consumers pay for things and how that is constantly evolving, it means companies like Worldpay need to be heavily focused on innovation and embrace change or fall behind," said Mark Heimbouch, Worldpay President and Chief Operating Officer, in a news release. "That is why the relationship between UC and companies like Worldpay, Kroger and P&G are so important. It allows us, together, to be ahead of the curve—creating tech and not just consuming it."

The proximity of 1819 to UC’s digital futures building in the Uptown Gateway development will further increase opportunities for collaboration between Worldpay and UC’s students and faculty. Master plans for the Uptown Innovation Corridor are designed to facilitate such partnerships between companies located in the Corridor and the Uptown anchor institutions.

In addition to Worldpay, 1819’s tenants include Kroger, P&G, Cincinnati Bell, Cincinnati Financial, CincyTech and more. Major companies continue to co-locate in 1819 and the Uptown Innovation Corridor to work closely with talent at UC and the other Uptown anchor institutions.

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