Community-building Network to Offer Free Educational Series for Uptown Residents with Disabilities

The Uptown Community Network (UCN), an initiative created to benefit current and future Uptown residents, is launching a free educational planning series for people with disabilities and their families.


The series will feature opportunities for the Network and its partners—University of Cincinnati Advancement and Transition Services, Housing Network of Hamilton County, Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services and Uptown Consortium, Inc.—to get to know residents who live in, or may want to live in, an Uptown neighborhood.

UCN, which was founded to create a cohesive community of residents from the perspective of people with disabilities and their families, will provide participants with a framework of planning for the future, complete with a decision tree that helps determine the kind of home (rental, family-owned home, etc.) that fits their needs best.

“We believe that a network of committed people can help create a more vibrant and inclusive Uptown,” said Cindy Molloy, mother of an adult daughter with autism and founder of UCN. “We’re excited to work with our partners to help Uptown residents with disabilities have better access to information, resources and support.”

UCN will offer:

  • A clearinghouse of information about Uptown, pertinent to people with disabilities

  • Ongoing connections to amenities, businesses and institutions—and to each other

  • Planning tools to explore what type of home is the best fit

  • Financial tools and resources to make moving to an Uptown neighborhood a feasible option for all

  • Partnerships with non-residential entities (UC, business, hospitals, etc.) to promote access and improve quality of life for all residents

Those interested in learning more about the Network, or the educational planning series, can sign up for its mailing list by contacting Cindy at