From the President & CEO: Innovation, Partnerships and Continuous Learning

If the only requirements for innovation were great ideas and the capital to implement them, the world would be a different place.

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But alas, innovation—and as well, an Innovation Corridor like ours in Uptown—requires more than great thinking and sustained funding. Innovation requires leadership, vision, partnerships, shared priorities and continuous learning. We believe the Uptown Innovation Corridor requires the same.

How do we manifest those characteristics at the Uptown Consortium? The answer isn’t simple, but here’s an abridged version on what it looks like in our work:

Vision:  In his remarks during last week’s Uptown Consortium event, “Innovate | Celebrate Uptown Cincinnati,” board chair Dr. Neville Pinto shared that “The innovation mindset is as valuable in the Uptown neighborhoods and existing businesses as in our laboratories and startups.” This philosophy is what has driven the work and accomplishments that fuel the Corridor’s development.

Shared Priorities: On June 12 and 13, I was among leaders from around the region for the Cincinnati Chamber’s DC Fly In, an initiative designed to advance our region’s priorities.

Great Thinking: This month we continued meeting with our partner, Sasaki, an international leader in urban master planning. Known for their design thinking behind some of the world’s most prestigious innovation corridors, we’ll profile them in the July newsletter.

Sustained Funding: The Uptown Consortium is fortunate to diversify funding streams, from New Markets Tax Credits to investment income. As a non-profit, we rely on collaboration, partnership and creative solutions to remain efficient and sustain our outputs.

Partnerships:  The Consortium was forged from a partnership of five major institutions, making collaboration the core of our DNA. One of our key economic development partners, HCDC, Inc., recently welcomed Peg Moertl as its new director. In our new micro news publication, Uptown Innovation Corridor News, we offer a “Corridor Conversation” with Peg, who gives us insights into her vision of strong partnerships. 

Continuous Learning:  As mentioned in the last newsletter, I had been asked to present at a national Federal New Markets Tax Credits conference. It’s often my experience that I learn a great deal through sharing our experience with colleagues from around the nation. Being in contact with other community development leaders and the innovation community, we discuss (and develop) trends that are imperative for our vision to fulfill its role as an inclusive, economic engine.

I welcome your thoughts on innovation. What fuels it where you work or live? Feel free to tweet me @BethUptown with your own insights.

On behalf of all who benefit from the impact of Uptown, thank you for being a partner who helps us achieve the future together.





Beth Robinson

President & CEO

Uptown Consortium, Inc.