Key Corner Acquisition Advances the Uptown Innovation Corridor

Uptown Innovation Corridor.PNG

The Uptown Consortium (UCI) recently purchased an important property in the Uptown Innovation Corridor at the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Reading Road. With the purchase of the former Marathon gas station at 3049 Reading Road, the UCI now has control of the intersection’s full southwest quadrant.

UCI is nearing the end of the first phase of the Corridor’s development and will now take the next steps to advance the master vision for the Corridor as a world-class innovation district.

UCI has engaged new partners for additional design, placemaking and market analysis work to help determine the direction of the Uptown Innovation Corridor moving forward. Sasaki, a national design firm, and Landwise, an advisory firm, are helping develop phase two planning for the Corridor, including the southwest quadrant.

During phase one of the Corridor, UCI secured developments on three of the four quadrants around the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Reading Road:

  • Uptown Gateway, a mixed-use development by Terrex Development & Construction and Messer Construction, will be built on the southeast quadrant.
  • MLK Investors I, a joint venture by Neyer Properties and Kulkarni Properties, is planning a mixed-use development on the northeast quadrant.
  • NIOSH is expected to build a $110 million research lab on the northwest corner.

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