Uptown Consortium, MORTAR Partner to Grow Urban Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial fever across Greater Cincinnati is continuing to grow.

The Uptown Consortium, master developer of the Uptown Innovation Corridor, will welcome MORTAR to recruit, host and train a new pool of promising entrepreneurs in the Avondale, Clifton, Corryville, CUF and Mt. Auburn neighborhoods.

MORTAR, a resource hub for urban entrepreneurs across Cincinnati, works to empower budding business owners to use their imagination and creativity to not just earn money, but to make a difference in their community.

This is the second year for MORTAR to look to the Uptown district to host a nine-week accelerator program. The partnership between the Uptown Consortium and MORTAR builds on the organizations’ shared belief that community development should grow neighborhoods in harmony with its residents.

MORTAR Cincinnati graduated its 10th and 11th classes of new entrepreneurs in 2017. 

Beth Robinson, Uptown Consortium president and CEO recruited MORTAR to Uptown last year and knew that it was a priority to continue to support and welcome MORTAR’s ability to attract a non-traditional, urban population.

“Inclusion isn’t a one-and-done activity. It’s a continuous, proactive mindset that ensures we’re being accountable to a vision of the future,” said Robinson.

The MORTAR partnership adds to a portfolio of inclusion resources, including the Avondale Community Development Corporation, the Greater Cincinnati Urban League, WEB Ventures and HCDC. “As with any of our partnerships, the goal is to build and execute sustainable strategies around wealth-building for Uptown residents,” said Robinson.

Application deadline for the Uptown class is March 4. The class will begin the week of May 21 and conclude with a pitch-night and graduation event in August. Uptown residents and business owners interested in the program can get more information and apply today at http://wearemortar.com/program-application/.