Look Who’s Talking: the Voices of Local Leaders

Under the leadership of Mary Beth McGrew, University of Cincinnati architect and senior associate vice president of planning, design and construction, Uptown recently won the bid for NIOSH site selection. 

Occasionally we ask local influencers their thoughts on issues affecting Uptown and the region. We asked David Adams, William Ball, M.D., Jill Meyer and Patricia Milton to send us their thoughts on the NIOSH decision to locate in the Uptown Innovation Corridor.                    And they said...

From: David J Adams
Chief Innovation Officer
CEO, UC Research Institute

"UC's role in attracting NIOSH to Uptown is yet another example of how the Innovation Corridor fits perfectly in our region’s only anchor district.  
My work at UCRI links the world’s leading companies with our world-class students and forward-thinking, specialized experts of more than 100 University of Cincinnati labs, colleges and clusters. From here in the 1819 Innovation Hub, the future looks even brighter knowing NIOSH is joining the Corridor’s solutions community.” 


From: William S. Ball, M.D.
Senior Vice-President for Health Affairs
Christian R. Holmes Professor and Dean of Medicine
Professor Radiology, Biomedical Engineering and Pediatrics

“Scientists at NIOSH want to be near advanced collaborating scientists at the University of Cincinnati. A majority of the region’s most sophisticated, pioneering research takes place in Uptown, and NIOSH is making the efficient choice—the advantage of being within walking distance of the people with whom they collaborate. I believe  that contributed substantially to their decision. And, of course, now this makes the Uptown Innovation Corridor all the more attractive to future collaborators in forward-thinking companies who want the same advantage.”


From: Jill P. Meyer
President and CEO  
Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

“The Cincinnati Chamber applauds the Government Services Administration’s decision to strategically position NIOSH in Cincinnati's Innovation Corridor and thank our regional congressional delegation for its work to make it reality. As global companies support research and investigative work in Uptown Cincinnati, they will appreciate the growth in bright and diverse talent accessible near the 1-71 and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive crossroads. Our businesses and their employees realize the importance of working where inclusion is a neighborhood principle.”


From: Patricia Milton
Avondale Community Council

“Avondale is a legacy community with a rich history of working families. NIOSH has a legacy and mandate to provide excellent research and the promotion of safe and healthy workers and working conditions. We look forward to getting to know more about the development project as it comes to fruition.  We encourage NIOSH workers to live, work, and volunteer in Avondale as integral neighbors working to make Avondale a neighborhood of choice.”