Investing in Uptown: Q & A with Dan Schimberg, Uptown Rental Properties

Anyone who knows Uptown Cincinnati likely knows Dan Schimberg, a University of Cincinnati grad who is now the president of Uptown Rental Properties, one of Uptown’s most prolific student housing developers. We’ve chatted with Dan before, but this time we wanted to engage in a quick Q & A to understand more about what drives him.

Dan Schimberg, President of Uptown Rental Properties 

Dan Schimberg, President of Uptown Rental Properties 

Q: How did you start your business?

A: Uptown Rental Properties was founded about 30 years ago, when I left the University of Cincinnati in the mid-80s. I rehabbed my first house on Victor Street, and I rented it to six people in the marching band. I saw a hole in the market, and I thought to myself, “I could be a great, considerate property manager in the Uptown area.”

Q: Why did you choose to invest in Uptown? 

A: I’ve always been interested in Cincinnati’s urban core and interested in urban architecture, urban infrastructure and helping to provide housing solutions in the urban core.

Q: Uptown has five neighborhoods, or some say “boroughs.” What’s your favorite area?

A: Short Vine is my favorite part of Uptown Cincinnati. When I went to college here, I lived on Short Vine for three years. Uptown Rentals started to buy properties here in the early 2000s. It has become a passion of mine to manage properties on Short Vine.

Q: What about Uptown keeps you as an investor?

A: It is very rewarding to work in the Uptown real estate market. We can look around at the success of the university, the surrounding institutions and our own company to see how hard work accumulates in the Uptown area. Uptown Rentals enjoys being a major stakeholder in a region that is seeing so many successes and has experienced so many great milestones.

Q: How do you hope your residents describe your approach?

A: We want them to see us as the best in class and feel comfortable with our open communication and transparency. I tell all our employees that when they enter one of our apartments, they are walking into someone’s home. Uptown Rentals strives to be the best for our clients.

Q: Why do you champion Uptown unlike any other regional district?

A: There is a certain amount of energy in Uptown that really isn’t found in any other community around the city. It is filled with energized, youthful people and an eclectic mix of residents and visitors. We thrive on the energy and diversity in Uptown, and that is why I find so rewarding to work here

Q: What is next for Uptown Rental Properties?

A: Uptown Rental Properties has room for growth. We recently conducted a five-year vision plan. We have room in our new Short Vine office to double the size of our company. Currently, we own a significant amount of property in Mount Auburn. We are going to be working hard there, but we have several other great developments in Corryville and CUF. We have ramped up our rehab capabilities and are working closely with community groups, developers and university officials to solve a senior housing need in the area. We’re also working with nonprofits to try to solve some housing needs for temporary transplants who come to Cincinnati for medical care. Our goal is to service everyone that needs to live in Uptown for either the short or long term. To reach this goal, we are venturing into different areas to make sure Uptown can be a home to everyone who wants to live here.