From the President & CEO: Innovation, Partnerships and Continuous Learning

If the only requirements for innovation were great ideas and the capital to implement them, the world would be a different place. But alas, innovation—and as well, an Innovation Corridor like ours in Uptown—requires more than great thinking and sustained funding. Innovation requires leadership, vision, partnerships, shared priorities and continuous learning. We believe the Uptown Innovation Corridor requires the same.

Inaugural Uptown Consortium “Innovate | Celebrate” Event First of its Kind at UC 1819 Innovation Hub

Progress, community and innovation were on full display at the first annual “Innovate | Celebrate Uptown Cincinnati” event—previously known as the Uptown Business Celebration. The June 21 ceremony, held at the newly renovated UC 1819 Innovation Hub, recognized the area’s most influential and future-focused individuals, businesses and organizations in front of hundreds of Uptown Cincinnati residents.

From the President & CEO: Sweat Equity, Brookings and New Markets Tax Credits 

Next week we’ll announce the findings of a research study central to Phase Two of the Uptown Innovation Corridor development. The Uptown Consortium commissioned the Avondale Housing Market Intelligence Report as a key tool in creating forward-looking residential improvements that honor Avondale, its history and its residents.